Canadian Bill Cosby as we are hearing has been charged with sexually assaulting a woman in Pennsylvania in 2004. The woman says Cosby drugged and raped her after she refused his advances. The case was reopened after more than 50 women alleged they were assaulted by Cosby.
The Australian share market has rallied after the Christmas break, so many traders are still on holiday, so volumes were light. And there are one and half days of trading left for 2015. By the close today, the All Ords jumped 1.1%. The ASX 200 Index added 1.2%.
The Australian share market has made solid gains ahead of four-day Christmas break thanks to a surging mining and energy stocks. The market has now risen for the last seven days in a row. It’s longest winning streak since January. In a shortened day of trade, the All Ordinary Index has jumped 1.2%.
Taking a look at the satellite, and we can see a fair bit monsoon trough in a tropical low is generating heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms over Northern Australia.
The top stories from ABC news. An 8-year-old boy found locked in a shield during a drug raid on the New South Wales mid-north coast is now in the care of family and community services. Police responded to a tip-off about a cannabis operation near Tare.
The Retailers Association says the falling Australian dollar has pushed customers towards local shop this Christmas. The association says retailers have reported strong sales with the favorite present this year being gift cards.
Leading the news this morning, FIFA President Sepp Blatter and UEFA boss Michel Platini have been suspended for eight years from all football related activities. FIFA’s Ethics Committee showed the ban over a 2.8-million-dollar payment by Blatter to Platini in 2011.
It was a rocky day on the Australian share market as investors revaluated the fall-out from the first US interest rate rise in nearly a decade. By the close, the All Ordinaries Index managed to gain of about 0.1% as did the ASX 200 Index. The major miners were down as commodity prices kept falling.
Taking a look at the satellite now, a trough over central Western Australia is generating thunderty showers and will extend over South Australia. A broader region of low pressure over Northern WA. The Top End, Gulf Country and Cape York Peninsula is producing thundery showers. A trough over South Australia and Victoria is / hot air from inland.
A fortnight after two people died in bushfire, South Australian crews are once again preparing for danger as a heat wave spreads across the southern states. Fire plans are in place in four Victorian districts in five parts of Australia and the danger is expected to increase on Saturday.
The US Federal Reserve has decided to raise interest rate for the first time in nearly a decade. The cost of borrowing in the states has raised 0.25%. The move’s been seen as a vote of confidence in the long suffering US economy. The rates, of course, have been near zero since 2008.
Good morning. The US Federal Reserve has kicked off its two-day meeting where they’ll decide whether to raise US interest rates for the first time in seven years.
In breaking news this morning, shots have been fired in a suburban streets south of Melbourne where a man has been barricaded in a house for 14 hours. The man in his 40s is armed with a knife and has four other people in the house with him.
To the headlines today, well, the federal government is already facing descent from its backbench over its response to the climate change deal in Paris.
One of the co-founders of the Australian technology firm Atlassian says he doesn’t expect the company’s values or vision will change after its highly successful public listing in the United States. The software developer has seen its share price rocket by 33% in its trading day boomed on the Nasdaq overnight, valuing the company at almost 8 billion Australian dollars.
A trough to the east that has been triggering severe thunderstorms will contract up into Queensland. It might still have potential of isolated storm about the far northern ranges in border coast of New South Wales, but more likely through southeast Queensland than spreading through the central northern inland and across parts of the Northern Territory.
Leading the news, the Prime Minister will today urge state and territory leaders to pass new laws that will allow terrorists to be locked up indefinitely. Malcolm Turnbull wants terrorists to be detained like pedophiles if they posed an ongoing threat to the community.
Leading our news this morning, the Treasurer has warned state and territory leaders ahead of COAG talks that he’s not interested in being their cash cow. New South Wales Premier Mike Baird has led calls for an increase in the GST to fund increase in health costs, but Scott Morrison says he’s interested in tax reform rather than raising existing taxes.
Good morning, everyone. Concerns over the global mining industry continue to grow after shares in one of the world’s biggest miners Anglo American fell by more than 10% overnight after the company announced a major restructuring plans.
Michael, leading our news this morning. Clive Palmer’s Queensland nickel could be on the brink of collapse after he lost court case against Chinese business partner.
Leading the news, there’ve been seen the jubilation of Melbourne airport after an Australian man returned home from fighting Islamic State militants in Syria. Twenty-three-year-old Ashley Dival left Brisbane in May to fight with Kurdish group.
And a trough dipping low over WA is triggering rain and storms. Another trough extending over Queensland and the Northern Territory is causing isolated thundery showers. Onshore winds along the Queensland coast will bring light showers. And a high is keeping the southeast dry.
Leading the news, US authorities have found bombs, weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition at the home of San Bernardino mass shooters. Fourteen people were killed when a male employee and his partner opened fire at a public health part in Christmas party in California.
Leading the news today, British Prime Minister David Cameron has told MPs that bombing Islamic state militants in Syria will keep British people safe. The UK is already bombing targets in neighboring Iraq and the new measures are expected to pass a vote after a / debate. Mr. Cameron says Britain must take against what he calls the medieval monsters of IS.
Good morning, everyone. Australia’s official economic growth figures are due out today, and they are expected to show the economy has rebounded after posting the slowest quarterly growth for two years. Now economists are tipping that the GDP will grow by 0.8% in the three months to the end of September.
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